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Keyword Blaze Pro vs Brad Callen Niche Finder – Best Keyword Software

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Discover #1 Keyword Research Tool that Pros use to destroy competition & pull huge profits!


We have replaced Keyword Blaze Pro with a newer and better tool – Long Tail Pro v3. It does everything (and much more) that Keyword Blaze did but in a SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER, faster and more accurate way! In our business, we only use the best tools available on the market and that's what we recommend to our clients.

Follow the Pros! Stay ahead of the game with a tool like "Keyword Blaze Pro" or "Brad Callen Niche Finder" to easily build successful, profitable campaigns using the best money keywords while saving time! Take your pick below!


 Keyword Blaze Pro      Brad Callen's Niche Finder
5 star keyword analysis tool 4.5 star best keyword analysis tool
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 Lowest Available Price: 1 payment of $47


Lowest Price: 1 payment o $97  $48.50

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( All future updates are FREE ) ( All future updates are FREE )
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Complete Video Review of Keyword Blaze Pro vs Brad Callen's Niche Finder:

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Major Benefits of the #1 Tool – Keyword Blaze Pro:

  • Works as a 'Server-side tool' – you won't get your IP address blocked by Google or deal with Captchas
  • Uncover Adwords opportunities – identify keywords with High Search Volume but Low CPC
  • Uncover Adsense opportunities – find keywords with Low Competition but High CPC
  • Uncover SEO opportunities – quickly find keywords with High Search Volume but Low Competition
  • 1-click Keyword Difficulty evaluation
  • Competition Analysis – instant detailed report on backlinks, authority, social signals, etc. of competitors
  • Winning Keywords – automatically identify them by parameters that you pre-set
  • 'Niche Storm' function – helps instantly generate successful eCommerce market areas to explore
  • 'Research Robot' – automatically does keyword research for you 
  • Rank Tracker – tracks how your websites rank for keywords that you specify


Technical Feature Comparison Chart:


Keyword Blaze ProBrad Callen's Niche Finder
Type of software:Desktop environmentstand-alone software
Functions supported:Keyword Research manual
Keyword Research robot
Niche Storming
Keyword Ranking
Keyword Research manual
Number of seed keywords allowed to enter:Up to 201 at a time
Number of initial search results:Many (normally hundreds)Around 50 (with ability
to further find long-tail
keywords for each)
Monthly Searches area:LocalLocal + Global
Search type (match):Exact matchExact or Phrase or Broad
(easy to choose in settings)
Keyword Difficulty calculation process:Manual or Semi-manual
(1 or 10 at a time)
Keyword Difficulty representation:Numbers + ColorsNumbers + Colors
Keyword Difficulty Color ranges
(ability to adjust):
No (ranges are pre-set)Yes
Adwords Competition representation:NumbersBar icon
Number of competing pages displayed
(for each keyword):
Number of Competitors' Average backlinks displayed
(in initial results):
Ability to conduct detailed research of
top 10 ranked Competitors for each keyword
Related / Available for purchase Domains info
(for each keyword):
Export Data to CSV function:YesYes
Overall Rating:5 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars


Both software are available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD after the purchase.

Click on any "Download" button to purchase directly from the creators of these software & start using your software in 5 minutes to find Money Keywords!




Keyword Blaze Pro Brad Callen's Niche Finder
download keyword research software download seo keyword software
best keyword analysis tool guarantee  


Here are 5.5 MAJOR BENEFITS of a good keyword research software:

1) Discover hard-to-pick profitable money keywords, so you earn more PROFITS

2)  Quickly pick High Search Volume keywords with Low Competition – destroy your competitors

3) Saves you lots of TIME & makes the whole process easy and enjoyable

4)  Analyze many (sometimes hundreds) of keywords at once – software does the work for you

5) Give Google and other search engines EXACTLY what they want & be rewarded with HIGH RANKINGS

5.5) Dominate Google in practically any niche

… and tons of other benefits too!


Above is specific information and a detailed review of not just 1 but 2 of the absolute best keyword research and analysis software on the market. Both are very comparable to each other and are full service software. Having any one of these awesome tools can help any Internet entrepreneur spend less time and make more money in their business, even if they are a complete novice.

Having a good keyword research tool (also referred to as keyword suggestion tool or keyword analysis tool) is a must for any serious online entrepreneur. Why? That is because building or creating anything online, whether it be a business, a simple website, a blog or a stand-alone article that a person wants to promote, begins with choosing the right keywords or key phrases to build these things around. Anyone that has ever created a successful online business is likely to attest to this statement.

The logical question is: How does one pick the right keywords for such activity? The answer to this question is quiet simple. Unless you want to spend hours (or sometimes dozens of hours) on manual keyword research and analysis, you must obtain a good keyword research tool that provides a wide array of professional features but is also simple to use. Such tool should be able to conduct keyword discovery and full seo keyword analysis.

Enjoy any one of these awesome keyword research software and take action today to watch your business grow!