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How to Protect Your Privacy, Your Saved Content and Your Computer

In this day and age of computers and "digital everything", it's more important than ever to protect our privacy, important saved content and our computers as well. There is a whole multitude of threats that we face every day like viruses, malware and hackers, just to name a few. Unfortunately, a lot of the time people don't take any actions to protect themselves until it's already too late. However, it's much easier to take preventive actions than try and fix a problem or restore lost data after that already happened.

antivirus, randomware and computer protection

And it seems that these problems are progressively getting worse. Viruses try to infect our computers to disrupt our activities and steal our private information. Malware programs try to take over our machines and create additional issues. The latest and worst seems to be a trend of ransomware where computers get locked out altogether until the owner pays ransom to restore it. In fact, the very latest one of these called "Petya ransomware" proved to be even worse. It locks out computers and promises to be gone after ransom is paid ($300 or so) but what it actually does is completely wipes out the system. 

So then how do we protect ourselves, our content and our devices? The best way to do this is to install reliable  protection systems and do that on all devices that we use - our computers, as well as smart phones. Of course not all systems are created equal so it's important to choose the protection that is reliable and proven to work. An excellent option for this was created by a company called AVG through their "All-in-One Protection" package. AVG has been known for a long time to be a leader in antivirus solutions. But they really delivered on this all-encompassing system called "All-in-one Protection". It provides excellent antivirus protection but it also does much more than that. It offers ransom protection against malicious threats like "Petya". This provides people a piece of mind knowing that their machine is protected and they don't risk getting locked out and losing all of their content or, at best, losing hundreds of dollars and having to pay ransom to some hacker.

This system by AVG also includes Internet Security protection that covers just about everything from enhanced firewalls to real-time threat detection so users can stay protected online regardless of what they're doing. The system even has a TuneUp module which helps to improve the performance of the computer by cleaning up junk data, saving space, improving battery life and overall fixing lots of issues that can be causing a bottleneck in performance and an array of other issues.

In fact, these are just a few of the many excellent benefits that this system provides. The bottom line is, whether you keep important files on your computer that you can't afford to lose or you simply want to protect your computer and your privacy overall, AVG's system is a great solution to all of these challenges. While it's surprisingly affordable to begin with, the great news is that they are even offering a 20% off deal for a limited time. So if your security is important to you, which it should be, make sure to click the banner on the left to check out this system for yourself.